The customer is invited to read and confirm the acceptance of the Lease Conditions and the signing of the Car Lease Agreement. The customer should meet all the conditions provided hereinbelow. Acceptance of our services or signing a lease agreement shall be considered as a conclusive proof of the fact that you accept the Lease Conditions. Your acknowledgement that you intend to reserve a motor vehicle by means of our website, online or by telephone, is indicative of the fact that you have read, understood and accepted these terms. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. The owner shall reserve the right to decline the lease of a motor vehicle without any explanations.

Drivers Age

The drivers minimum age should be 20 years.

Documents Required for Car Lease

In order to lease the motor vehicle, the customer should submit – in original – an act identity act (Identity Card, passport) and a driving license. Motor vehicles cannot be leased against copies of acts.

The driver should have a national or international driving license issued with at least one year prior to the lease date. The driving license should match the category of the motor vehicle to be driven.

An additional driver can be added – no extra charges. The conditions for the additional driver shall be the same as the conditions for the original driver.

The lease agent shall multiply the driving license and identity act of each driver mentioned in the agreement.

Delivery of the Car to Be Leased

The motor vehicle shall be delivered on the date, at the venue and time agreed with the customer. Such venues can be: Otopeni airport, lease office or any Bucharest venue indicated by the customer.

The customer shall receive beforehand from the lease office all the information about the meeting with the agent, and the contact details of the agent to deliver the motor vehicle.

For the airport delivery – the lease agent shall wait for the customer in the Arrivals area – on the right sight of the exit – with a sign indicating the customers name.

After meeting the agent, the customer shall check the motor vehicle, sign the lease documents, pay the lease charges and the deposit and shall use the motor vehicle until the end of the lease term.

The motor vehicle shall be provided to the customer together with a copy of the registration certificate, a copy of the all risk (RCA) insurance and all the other appropriate endowments (medical kit, lever jack, etc.). The motor vehicle shall meet all the technical requirements for use, being in a normal operation condition and presenting no deficiencies or malfunctions, except for those specified in the picture from the lease agreement.

Upon the receipt of the motor vehicle, please check carefully whether such vehicle presents any eventual malfunctions and report them to the lease agent in order to be mentioned in the lease agreement, prior to departure. You should agree to all the damages indicated in this document or supplement it in case of any discrepancies. Otherwise, it shall be considered that you received a motor vehicle in compliance with the issued/signed document.

The car delivery outside business hours (08:00 – 19:00) shall be charged by Euro 15, inclusive of VAT.

Return of the Leased Car

On the final day of the lease, the customer shall bring the motor vehicle to the venue and at the time agreed with the agent and mentioned in the lease agreement. The motor vehicle should be returned in a clean condition and with the tank at the same level as upon its takeover.

In case of early return (before the expiry of the lease term), paid amounts shall not be refunded. The deposit shall be refunded upon the receipt of the car or within 1-2 banking days (after the car inspection) if the car is returned under the same conditions as upon delivery. If there are any damages, the lessor shall evaluate their value and only then shall the deposit difference be refunded.

Our recommendation is for you to verify the motor vehicle together with our agent, upon its return, so that no potential accusations of deficiencies which were not caused by you could occur in time.

* Delayed delivery of the motor vehicle. If the delay is of maximum 1 hour as compared to the agreed time – no penalties shall be charged. In case of a delay ranging from 1 to 3 hours, the amount of ½ of a lease day shall be charged. If the delay exceeds 3 hours, the quantum of one lease day shall be charged. If the delay is not announced by telephone, the lease company shall reserve the right to immediately notify the police for car theft.

Returning the car outside business hours (08:00 – 19:00) shall be charged by Euro 15 inclusive of VAT.

Payment for Car Lease Services

After the customer signs the lease agreement, the customer shall pay in advance the lease charge. Payment can be made in (lei, euro, usd, gbp) or by credit card. Payment in lei shall be made at BRDs exchange rate for sale on the payment date. Certain motor vehicles, particularly those from the luxury class, can only be leased by means of payment by credit card. The lease price shall include VAT.

* Down Payment

The down payment shall be the amount requested by the lease company from the customer for reserving a motor vehicle from the class requested by the customer. This amount is the equivalent value of at least 1/3 of the total lease amount and it shall be deducted from the total amount charged from the customer for the lease of the motor vehicle. On the car lease day, the customer shall pay the balance between the total lease price and the down payment. Should the customer fail to honor the reservation, such down payment shall remain in the account of the lease company in order to cover any resulting prejudices.

By accepting these conditions, the customer shall express its firm agreement for the debiting of its card by the equivalent value of 1/3 of the total lease amount in case the customer fails to honor the order. Such firm agreement may be used in case of any payment declined or in any other contentious situations.

Cancellation of the reservation by at least 30 days prior to the proper lease shall be free of charge, except for any bank charges.


The amount blocked as Deposit/Warranty represents the franchise upon the insurance of the motor vehicle. This amount represents the customers responsibility in case the motor vehicle is damaged during the lease.

The warranty is in the form of an amount blocked on the credit card of the main driver. The payment of the warranty in cash or by debit card is seldom accepted and is at the discretion of the car lease company, so please inform us before taking over the motor vehicle should you expressly request so.

The deposit is normally returned at the end of the lease term if the car is returned under the same conditions as upon takeover. The lease company shall reserve the right to maintain the warranty blocked for a term of 24-48 hours if, at the time when the motor vehicle is taken over from the customer, there are any suspicions that damages were caused to the motor vehicle or, if no scratches or deficiencies can be identified because the motor vehicle is extremely dirty.

For the damages caused to the motor vehicle by the customer, additional driver or any unknown perpetrator, the deposit shall be retained in full or in part according to the value of the damage. In case the deposit represents the franchise for breakdowns, such deposit shall be fully retained, and it shall be the customers responsibility in case of any accident.

If you were reckless or careless, or if you drove the car under the influence of any substances of abuse or spirits, you shall have to pay the full amount related to the repairs.

In case of any damages caused to the car, when establishing the amount to be retained from the warranty, the losses incurred by the lease company due to the motor vehicle repair period shall also be taken into account.

 Baby Car Seat, GPS

Upon request, our company shall provide the following accessories, against a fee: baby car seat, GPS system, smart telephone with internet included, snow chains.

 Leases Outside the Country

As a general rule, using the leased motor vehicle outside Romanian borders shall be forbidden. In exceptional situations, the motor vehicle shall be permitted to leave the country, but only subject to special approvals by the car lease company and additional charges. Leased motor vehicles cannot leave the Romanian territory without the written consent of the car lease company. Any attempt to leave the Romanian territory with the leased motor vehicle is illegal, shall be deemed as theft and shall be promptly notified to the Police bodies.

In case of Accident

In case of accident, it shall be mandatory to declare the accident to the Police, which shall ascertain the damages and shall issue the Findings Minutes and the Repair Authorization. These documents are indispensable for the insurance operation and for the motor vehicle repairs. The declaration submitted to the Police shall be mandatory in all the cases: if you are guilty, if you are the victim, if you are the only involved party, if the responsible party is not identified (e.g. damages caused in the parking lot in your absence). Without such documents, the customer shall be responsible for all the repair costs. In case the customer is under the influence of alcohol, substances of abuse, not recommended drugs, liability for the payment in case of accident shall entirely devolve upon the customer. In case of an accident, the customer should immediately notify the lease company about the occurrence of the accident. Failure to immediately notify the accident shall result in the full payment of the damages by the customer.

In case the motor vehicle was driven by any person other than the person indicated in the lease agreement, liability for the damages caused by a traffic incident shall devolve upon the customer.

Breach of Traffic Rules

The customer shall be liable for breaching the traffic rules, removal of the motor vehicle from a place where parking is forbidden, including for the payment of any parking or other charges. The police shall send a document to the lease company, requesting information about the driver that breached the traffic legislation when driving the leased motor vehicle on a certain date and at a certain time. The lease company shall send to the police the lease agreement including the customers data and the police shall send the fine to the customer.

Long Term Lease

The long term lease shall offer you all the advantages of having a car, minus elated responsibilities: obtainment of the leasing, taxes, insurance, repair, maintenance charges.

Another advantage of long term leases relies in the deductibility of all the expenses related to the use of a car fleet: the price, VAT, repairs, even the fuel.

Long term lease shall mean: signing of a lease (use) agreement of the motor vehicle in exchange for a monthly installment.

 Specifications Regarding the Use of the Leased Motor Vehicle

  • The customer shall make sure that it is using the correct/appropriate fuel, shall verify and maintain an adequate level of engine oil, shall verify and maintain the appropriate pressure of the tyres, shall verify the level of the cooling fluid; otherwise, the customer shall bear all the damages deriving from these situations. Any malfunction caused by using an inappropriate fuel shall be charged by at least Euro 250 and a maximum value equal to the equivalent value of the repairs caused by the inappropriate fueling.

  • The customer shall have the leased motor vehicle repaired only in authorized garages and only subject to the approval and according to the instructions of the lease company, the payment of the works shall be refunded against the invoice released in the name of the lease company, accompanied by the repair estimate.

  • The customer shall not freight the motor vehicle in excess of the load agreed by the producer or/and under the law, shall not carry a number of passengers exceeding the number provided by the producer and/or the legislation in force.

  • The customer undertakes to inform the lease company with respect to the location and condition of the motor vehicle at the request of the lease company.

  • The customer shall not sell, sub-lease or dispose of the motor vehicle, or use it as a reward object, and shall not remove the signs or features attesting to its origin.

  • The customer undertakes to keep the motor vehicle locked throughout the period in which the customer is not using it and to keep in its possession the documents related to such motor vehicle. The lease company shall not be liable for the loss or damage of any personal property left unsupervised inside the motor vehicle.

  • The damages caused to tyres, mirrors, wheels, windows, as well as those caused to the external floor and inside the motor vehicle shall not be included in the insurance, and –in case of their damages – the customer shall have to pay their equivalent value by means of a new POS/cash/PO transaction.

  • The motor vehicle shall not be used in the following situations: transport of flammable substances; in breach of the applicable legislation and of any other traffic rules; for the transport of people or goods in order to obtain income; for pushing or towing other motor vehicles; while the customer or the driver is under the influence of alcohol, substances of abuse, narcotics or other substances endangering the mental and physical abilities to respond; in competitions, races or car trials, on roads which are not marked on Romanias official map; the motor vehicle shall not be transferred for use by any person (other than those mentioned in the lease agreement). All these situations represent exclusions from the payment of insurances. In case the value of the damages caused by the accident exceeds the limit established under the law, the customer shall be directly responsible for the difference between the total value of the caused damages and the limit established under the law, and the customer shall agree to the full cover of the value. The customer shall be liable for the full value of the repairs, in case of damages caused to the car or [if] the damage occurred in connection with the car in one of the above-mentioned cases.

  • In case of an accident with the involvement of any identified third parties and with the possibility of using the insurance policy of such parties, the customers liability shall be cut down to the payment of the management fee of the damage file/loss caused by the fact that the motor vehicle is unavailable, amounting to EUR 100.

  • In case the motor vehicle is stolen, the customer shall be liable for the cost of replacing the motor vehicle unless the customer delivers to the lease company within a maximum term of two (2) business days the documents of the motor vehicle, the car keys and the report issued by authorities. In case the abovementioned conditions are not met, the customer shall be liable for the full value of the leased motor vehicle, at the market price, updated under the normal wear and tear/age/endowment conditions.


  • There is no mileage limit for a lease term exceeding 7 days. For a lease of 1-7 days, the limit shall be 300 km/day. For each km run in excess of the agreed limit, an additional charge of RON 2/km shall be charged.

  • For motor vehicles returned in a dirty condition, the amount of Euro 10 shall be charged. For motor vehicles returned in an extremely dirty condition (the tapestry, the interior elements) the amount of Euro 50 shall be charged for cleaning the motor vehicle.

  • Destruction or failure to return the baby car seat, the mobile telephone, chains and GPS shall be charged by Euro 100. In case of returning the baby car seat in an extremely dirty condition, the amount of Euro 12 shall be charged for cleaning it.

  • For the destruction or deterioration of the tyres, Euro 200.00 per piece shall be charged from the customer.

  • In case of the loss or damage of the documents/key, the customer shall fully pay their replacement, at the value of Euro 150 for each damaged or missing item.

  • Lack of fuel: the leased motor vehicle should be returned with the fuel level mentioned in the lease agreement; otherwise, the equivalent value of the missing fuel shall have to be paid + a refueling charge of Euro 15.

  • The customer shall pay the amount of Euro 20 for the loss/damage of the registration plates of the leased motor vehicle.

  • In exceptional cases deriving from the specific nature of the lease activity, the customer shall not receive the confirmed model, but one from the same class or from a superior class, at the confirmed price and under the confirmed conditions. For these situations, we shall reserve the right to change the motor vehicle by another one, even if we do not succeed to timely inform the customer.